DOLL is a solo-exploration of a character I call Quiet Doll. DOLL is inspired by a black-face mammy figurine I met/encountered in 2014 in Berlin at Museum der Dinge, which boasts a collection of mass-produced consumer goods from twentieth-century Germany. When I met her, Quiet Doll stood in a display case, silent, stoic, mournful, rotund, armless, and wearing a skirt that doubled as a scrub brush. My performance as Quiet Doll attempts to find her point of view as both object and subject. I perform dressed as her and try to perform the domestic labor, namely scrubbing, prescribed by her body’s design. By focusing on the labor of scrubbing, DOLL explores the generative and destructive potential of movement, creation, and desire. Simply put, to scrub is an act of renewal and erasure.